Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

We teach traditional, authentic and original Yoga, from Sanskrit scriptures to English. Often, we are referred to by many as the Best Yoga Teachers’ Training Certification course in India and the Best Yoga Therapy Teachers’ Training Certification courses in India. Currently, 38 students are working on Doctorate Research in Yoga and Meditation from our Institute.


Ancient texts consider human beings to be made up of three components – body, mind and soul. Correspondingly, there are three needs – health, knowledge and inner peace. Health is a physical need, knowledge is one of our psychological needs and inner peace is spiritual need and when all three are present then there is harmony.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. It helps improve physical fitness, stress, general well being, controls mental clarity and greater self-understanding. People of all ages can do yoga and it can also be adapted for people with disabilities or special needs. Th asanas enhance muscle strength, coordination as well as flexibility and can help keep one’s body fit in addition to helping control cholesterol level, reduce weight, normalize blood pressure and improve cardiovascular performance. Apart from these, when people actively seek to reduce stress in their lives by consoling the mind, the body often works to heal itself. In this sense yoga can be seen not only as a way to get into shape on several levels, but also as a tool for self-healing.